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WINFactory 300zx Z32 12.2  Big Brake kit
WINFactory 300zx Z32 12.2" Big Brake kit
Price: $650.00
New WINFactory 300zx Z32 12.2" Big Brake Kit for stock calipers! 12.2" big brake kit that is a direct bolt on - no spacers and no longer studs needed! It's actually designed to push the rotor and caliper further into the wheel well by 2.5mm giving you more clearance.

12.5lbs total weight - over 6lbs lighter than stock (currently only for the 30mm calipers). Less rotational weight/mass equals faster acceleration and faster braking. Less physical weight means lighter car, less bounce mass and less load on the shocks and suspension components.

As I tell people who test drive my car and those who are about to begin using the kit, "..only use about half the braking pressure you would normally use... otherwise, it will stop very hard and throw you forward."

The only "modding" needed is to bend back the dust plate and for the early models, the bottom-front part of the dust plate will need to be removed.

As you can see from the pictures, the cooling vanes are insane compared to stock, brembo, or the 350Z rotors and with the added weight savings, these are the best bang for your buck big brakes I have come across... I know.. "of course they are... there your kit.." hehe Here's the best part.... new Rotors are less than $50 a piece!!

I chose these rotors specifically for their weight savings and enhanced cooling capabilities. I have yet to have them fade.. Even from 165mph back down to 80mph in less than 4 seconds. And during the road course track day, myself and my CPA (who has a Z and the brake kit) were hard braking from 60+mph and 100mph with no braking issues - other than the machining oil, that didn't get fully cleaned off, burning off and smoking, but no stopping issues at all (My CPA was on HP+ pads and the Azenis 615 tires while I was on my HP+ pads and my Kuhmo V700 race tires).

The kit includes:

2 - rotors (1 left and 1 right)

2 - aluminum hats

2 - relocation brackets (1 left and 1 right)

4 - mounting bolts, nuts and washers

20% restocking fee on returned items.