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Swepco 306 20w50 (1 qt)
Swepco 306 20w50 (1 qt)
Price: $8.25
Swepco 306 15w40 (1 qt)

Used religiously buy Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Porsche owners and dealerships as well as WINFactory!

A superior friction reducing multi-weight engine oil for extended drain service in industrial/commercial and rolling stock applications. Has the advantage of multi-grade weights, for improved fuel economy and all-weather performance.

* Contains DIMONYL
* High VI solvent extracted paraffinic base stocks
* Exceeds most major engine manufacturers recommendations
* Contains detergent/dispersants
* Oxidation inhibitors
* Rust and corrosion inhibitors
* Anti-foam inhibitor
* Pour depressant
* Anti-wear inhibitors

* Long drain service up to 100,000 miles or 600 hours with LOA Program
* Superior friction reduction, cooler operating temperatures, reduced friction and drag, improved fuel economy and lower octane fuel needed
* Exceeds most engine manufacturers specifications and recommendations, so it's one oil for most applications
* Multi-grade weights give more versatility-one oil can be used for many different viscosity requirements from engine manufacturers or from climatic conditions
* Multi-grades offer better fuel economy or energy savings than single grades

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